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Sometimes an itch to travel is a calling (in disguise) to search deep inside ourselves instead.
Matt Jacob’s debut single, ‘Chakra Song’, aims to stir up his audience to aspire to self love through self exploration using an homage to two things that have helped temper his own demons – meditation and psychedelics.

The single ‘Chakra Song’, released May 28th 2021, marks a turning point for Matt as a solo artist both in terms of taking control of his sound (playing guitar, bass, keys and singing), and in terms of artistic collaboration that has put himself out there in the most visual of ways. Stylistically, his choices weave a vivid tapestry with a specific intent; to encourage introspection.

For years, Matt Jacob led multiple NYC based bands (Big Mosey, The Bourbon Shakes) that were performing throughout the NYC circuit (Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, Pianos, etc.). He’s played shows as far away as Norway too (Trondheim University). However, feeling the ground shift under him locally as he witnessed the closing of one beloved venue after another (Glasslands, Sullivan Hall to name a few), he felt he needed to step away. He picked up a 9 to 5, but he’d rehearse at a studio a short walk away on his lunch breaks. Finally, he saved up enough to afford proper studio session time (SubDecibel Sound), and one by one, started laying down a full band’s worth of tracks (minus drums) for an EP. Then, like most people worldwide, in 2020, the earth didn’t just shift, it quaked. The pandemic caused the recording studio to completely lock its doors for the better part of the year.

Working in the studio ignited something in Matt though. With just a two input interface, he began doing home recordings and learning all he could about production. This inspired a close friend of his (Justin Etheridge) who was hungry to engineer and produce also. With his mixing skills and soundscape ideas, ‘Chakra Song’ sprang to life. As it turned out, Justin had been putting in hours upon hours on the side learning video production as well. Remotely, Matt filmed himself at home for Justin to run with (using After Effects) to create the visual eye candy the video has emerged to be.

Psychedelicaltfolkbluesrock, Matt’s style seeks to bend genres. To quote Justin, “Your songs are a journey with poetic storytelling in the lyrics. They’re raw, emotional, and honest, but familiar. Sure, they’re rooted in rock, but what does that even mean any more? You’ve always found your own niche within the genre. Tinged with soul, sometimes heavy but never aggressive, you’re influenced by a wide range of styles.”

‘Chakra Song’ might feel at home for Pink Floyd fans as well as fans of Ween. This is no accident, as these are two of Matt’s favorite bands, but they’re just a piece of the puzzle. In his pantheon of music heroes you’d also find artists like: Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Beck and Dr. John.

Matt also released a second single on November 27th, 2021 entitled ‘The Suspect’. In juxtaposition, the song is dramatically different, however it still retains his signature psychedelic feeling and style, but with more of an alt rock vibe.

“The hook of the song simply repeats the chords A and G back and forth. This is directed at (and resonates with) Chakras (energy points) in our throats and in our upper sinus ‘third eye area” which promote loving communication and intuition. If you’re open to that kind of thing, listen to the song again with that in mind.”
-Matt Jacob